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About Us

Our Beliefs

in the One God Who exists eternally in Three Persons—Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

in Jesus, the perfect incarnation of God the Son, Who died taking upon Himself our sins, Who rose again on the third day, and will come again.

all humans are created in the image of God and deeply loved by our Creator.  Yet, because of our sinful choices, we are in need of a Savior.

Jesus is that Savior—the Savior of all who will turn from their sin and follow Him. 

in the power of God’s Holy Spirit to teach, comfort, enable and transform us.

in the Bible as God’s divine word to all the world.  It is the ultimate trustworthy authority for what we believe and practice.

in the Church as the body of Christ in the world.

our decisions in this life have eternal consequences.

that our hope for Heaven comes through faith in Jesus, not our own goodness.

we are to be good stewards of our God-given resources, from our talents to our finances to our planet.

in grace as the heart of the Christian faith.

We also affirm the 1963 version of the Baptist Faith & Message. Neither those statements nor the above is an all-inclusive statement of our beliefs. To view a more comprehensive summary of our beliefs, a copy of the Baptist Faith & Message, and helpful information about what we believe about sexuality, women in ministry, and racial unity follow this link or click on the image below.

Who We Are

In September 1883, nine believers officially organized Hartselle Baptist Church.  We are grateful that what was started by a small group of believers more than one hundred years ago is still active today.  Our busy, beautiful campus has become a landmark in downtown Hartselle, and our congregation can be counted on for its spiritual leadership in civic affairs.

At FBC Hartselle you’ll find people of all ages, representing a wide range of occupations, all with varying backgrounds and exciting experiences. Our rich and vibrant past is carrying over to a bright and exciting future. Biblical teaching, missions, strong fellowship, and heartfelt praise and worship are found throughout our activities at FBC Hartselle.

We are a diverse congregation, unified by our shared faith in Biblical doctrines, our common purpose, and our strong leadership.  Our people love to worship, fellowship, and serve together. We appreciate our community and strive to stay involved in tangible ways that make Hartselle a great place to live.  Our association with the Southern Baptist Convention enables us to effectively expand God’s Kingdom work through cooperation with thousands of Baptist churches locally, nationally, and internationally. 

There is a place for everyone here to worship, learn, and serve.  On Sunday mornings we offer contemporary and traditional worship services as well as small group meetings.

Come visit several Sundays so you can find the small group and worship service for you and your family. We look forward to meeting you this Sunday!

We Offer:

     A diverse congregation of varying age groups

     A shared faith in Biblical doctrines

     Strong leadership

     A love for worship, fellowship and serving together

     Opportunities to serve our Hartselle community

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the Church Located?

First Baptist Church Hartselle is located at 210 Woodland Street.

What are the Service Times?

Our Contemporary Worship service begins at 9:00, followed by Small Groups (Sunday School) for all ages at 10:00. Traditional Worship is at 11:00. 

Where Do I Park?

Parking is not a problem! There is designated parking for guests in front of the sanctuary. If you’re coming for the traditional service at 11:00 or any service held in the sanctuary, we recommend that you choose one of those spaces. However, if you are coming to the Contemporary Service and Sunday School classes, we suggest you go to the main parking lot located between Woodland and Corsbie Streets. The Welcome Center is accessed from that parking lot.

Where are the Preschool and Nursery Located?

Once you enter the Welcome Center, greeters (or members) will be available to show you to the pre-school and nursery on the 2nd (main) floor of the building. 

What Small Groups are Available?

Small groups are available both by age range and curriculum. Someone from the Welcome Center will be happy to show you to the Sunday School class of your choosing.

What Should I Wear?

We don’t have a “dress code” at FBC – we want you to feel comfortable and welcome! 

In the 9:00 (contemporary-style) service which meets in our Fellowship Hall, you will find most people dressed in anything from business-casual to jeans and T-shirts. In the 11:00 (traditional-style) service that meets in our sanctuary, you will find most people dressed in business-casual (collared shirts or jackets/ties for men and slacks or dresses for women).

How Do I Become a Member of FBC?

We look forward to talking with you about becoming part of the First Baptist family. If you are a member of any other Christian congregation, you can join our church by statement of faith and a transfer of membership from another church. If you have never been baptized, you can become part of our congregation on profession of faith and baptism. But the first step is to have a conversation with one of our ministers. Any of us would be glad to have a conversation with you about your faith journey and your desire to be part of the congregation of First Baptist Church.

First Baptist Hartselle has been our family’s church home for many years. We love the focus on missions, the programs for children and youth, and opportunities to make friends of all ages!

Mike and Martha Bowling

I’m so thankful for the people of FBC and how they serve and minister to my family and me. I’m excited to raise my kids at FBC, just as I was raised and nurtured here.

Mary Virginia Halbrooks

Small Groups at FBC Hartselle have made a huge impact on our lives! My husband and I met at FBC and were able to grow a relationship rooted in the gospel because of the encouragement of our small group.

Kathryn and Jordan Tyler

One of the strengths of our church is the ability to make changes. I saw it in the mid-60s when our church leaders gave the teenagers more freedom in church activities. I saw it again when we opened the Family Life Center to use recreation as a means to reach people and then again recently as we moved to both a contemporary service and a traditional service to reach more people.

Ken Boster

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